Low-Carb Zucchini Rolls [Spinach & Alfredo]

Low-Carb Zucchini Rolls [Spinach & Alfredo]

Keto Dieting

How to Maintain Ketosis During the Keto Diet

Unlike many other diets, the Keto Diet focuses on eliminating carbs. This allows the body to burn fat for energy, but it can be easy to eat too few carbohydrates and get kicked out of ketosis. The simplest way to stay in ketosis is by following the recommended calorie intake for ketosis, which can be found here.

The other way to maintain ketosis is by restricting the amount of non-starchy vegetables you consume, and avoiding high-sugar fruits like bananas. This will help prevent blood sugar spikes, which will cause your ketone levels to dip and kick you out of ketosis.

For those who are unable to avoid eating non-starchy vegetables or fruits, it is important to include them in a larger portion size so that you don’t consume too few calories. You can also eat more low-sugar snacks and drinks like olives, pickles, or salted bone broth to fill in these gaps.

Finally, if you do have to consume foods that aren’t keto-friendly during family meals, make sure you plan ahead and talk to the rest of your family about your food choices before going out to restaurants or gatherings. It’s also helpful to find recipes that you can cook at home so you know what you will be eating before going to a party.

The best way to start a keto diet is to find four to five recipes that you enjoy so that you can stick with it. You can use your favorite cookbooks or search online for keto-friendly recipes. Ideally, you should choose a few recipes that use ingredients you already have on hand so that you can easily access them.