Keto Stuffing [with Homemade 90-second Bread]

Keto Stuffing [with Homemade 90-second Bread]

Healthy Foods For Keto Dieting

Keto Dieting is a low carb, high fat diet that forces your body to use stored fat for fuel. This can help you lose weight and improve your health.

The key to success on a keto diet is to make sure you have plenty of nutritious foods in your diet. This can include herbs, vegetables, and proteins.

Proteins: Meat, poultry, fish and eggs are a great way to get plenty of protein on a keto diet. These sources of protein are low in carbohydrates and contain healthy fats that can help keep you satisfied.

Vegetables: Non-starchy vegetables are a great addition to your keto diet because they are high in nutrients and fiber. They also provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help fight off disease.

Meal prep: Getting pre-made meals can save you a lot of time on your keto journey. Many influencers and websites have weekly or monthly meal plans or meal kits that send all the ingredients right to your door.

Herbs: Adding herbs like basil, thyme, and rosemary to your recipes is an easy way to add flavor while still adhering to your keto diet. These herbs can help boost your mood, aid digestion, and even reduce your risk of cancer.

Dairy: Avoiding dairy can be challenging if you are on a ketogenic diet, but it’s a good idea to consume a small amount of non-fat dairy products (eggs, cheese, yogurt) while on a low-carb plan. They’ll keep you fuller longer and provide healthy probiotics for your gut.

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